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Secrets of Better SexSecrets of Better Sex
by Joel D. Block

Dr. Joel Block, senior psychologist and sex therapist at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, offers a frank, uncensored, and practical guide that could change the reader's love life forever. This cookbook to great sex gives specific directions, suggestions, anecdotes, and techniques for lovers of all ages. 20 line drawings.

Herotica 5 : A New Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction

by Marcy Sheiner (Editor)

An eclectic batch of 23 stories mark the Herotica series' tenth anniversary - and it appears that erotica, at the approach of the millennium, really does offer something for everyone. Here, women of a variety of ages, races, and sexual preferences transform their desires and fantasies into fiction--and, as editor Sheiner says in her brief introduction, Herotica's authors "have the courage to write exactly what [they] think.'' Dragon Cat Flower, by Cecilia Tan, is an Asian fairy tale with a lusty finale; and Serena Moloch's Casting Couch puts a spin on sexual harassment in this woman/woman tale of domination and servitude. The Appliance, by Michelle Stevens, is about two relationships, a woman's with another woman and a woman's with her 900-watt vibrator. A user-friendly, accessible collection that's more sentimental in tone and subject than hard-core, despite the graphic sex.

How to Be a Great Lover - Girlfriend-To-Girlfriend Totally Explicit Techniques That Will Blow His Mind
by Lou Paget

Paget (a woman) aims "to empower you as a woman, heighten the intimacy of your romantic relationship, and enable you and your partner to enjoy yourselves in intense new ways." She lives up to that promise with this friendly, titillating, educational, and explicit guide to enlivening your sex life and keeping your man coming back for more. Is he a bad kisser? Learn an easy strategy to get him to kiss you just the way you like it. Does he object to using a condom? Use your mouth to put it on him (a six-step process, complete with illustrations). This book is fun to read, and will certainly open up the sensuality in your relationship.

Appearance Obsession - Learning to Love the Way You Look
by Joni E. Johnston

A perfect book for these look-good-or-else  times,  Appearance Obsession provides practical advice on ways to avoid letting your appearance run your life.

An Amazon reviewer described the book like this:
"This book really woke me up and made me realize how my obsession with my appearance has been controlling my life. I saw myself in all the examples - and finally started laughing! For the first time in my life, I am laughing at this ridiculous obsession, recognizing it as a horrible waste of my time, and moving on with my life.

My aim now is to be healthy and strong, to live to a nice old age, and enjoy my family and friends."

Beyond Viagra - Plain talk about treating male and female sexual dysfunction
Beyond Viagra : Plain Talk About Treating Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction

by Alfred J. Newman

Beyond Viagra: Plain Talk About Treating Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction is the complete, authoritative and readable new book on sexual dysfunction. In this book, a leading urologist and surgeon offers a clear explanation of what causes a normal erection, what can go wrong, how the problem has been treated historically, where Viagra fits in, and even how Viagra affects females. Normal female sexual function and the causes of female sexual dysfunction are also covered.

The Clitoral Truth : The Secret World at Your Fingertips
by Rebecca Chalker, Fish (Illustrator)

This highly informative tour of the clitoris is written with the clarity, exuberance, and accessibility of a sexuality workshop. Growing out of the author's work as a member of the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers, the study begins by debunking myths and inaccuracies and replacing them with anatomically precise detail. Containing personal accounts, comprehensive illustrations, and a thorough appendix of female sexuality resources, the book will help women and their partners understand and expand their sexual interests and potential for pleasure.

The Clitoral Kiss : A Fun Guide to Oral Sex, Oral Massage, and Other Oral Delights
by Kenneth Ray, Ph.D. Stubbs, Kyle Spencer (Illustrator), Chyrelle Chasen (Contributor)

The Technology of Orgasm : 'Hysteria,' the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction (Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology. New Series, 24)
by Rachel P. Maines

This article is based on Rachel Maine's fascinating book, and I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in women's history. It's amazing that no-one has bothered to research this before, as the history of hysteria and the vibrator are actually closely linked to the history of women's sexuality and feminism itself. Maintaining the idea of penetration as "sex" caused society to go to such ridiculous lengths! Equally fascinating is Maine's account of being sacked because of her research, including how incredulous academics forced her to prove her article on the subject was not a hoax. You'll be cheering by the end of this book, and you'll also have a healthy awareness of how women have been marginalised by medicine for over 4000 years. - Karen Jones

More Joy: An Advanced Guide to Solo Sex
, by Harold Litten

More than one hundred stories and testimonies from men who enjoy sharing the most intimate details of their solo sex lives with appreciative readers

If you like your porn all romantic and with tasteful lighting, could be for you. Lots of Shakespearean quotes, heaps of articles, and well photographed porn.
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