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Female ejaculation remains something of a mystery In an age where sexuality is researched and discussed everywhere in great detail. Despite popping up occasionally in medical literature dating right back to Aristotle, it was only officially described and recognised by Western medicine in 1980. Even today, some doubt its existence.

Rest assured, female ejaculation is real, although it seems that not every woman is capable of achieving it, and the actual "ejaculate" varies from person to person. Some women only produce a few drops, others, more than a few tablespoons.

When an ejaculating woman's G spot is stimulated (scroll down to learn more about the G Spot) to the point of orgasm, a milky, odourless, thin liquid shoots out of her urethra, sometimes in copious quantity and over relatively large distances - thus the name. This liquid has been found to be very similar to male prostate liquid, and is secreted by the Skene's glands, which flank both sides of the urethra. The liquid is NOT urine. We know this because when a woman has an orgasm, the pubococcygeus muscle contracts, stopping any flow of urine that may want to occur. So it's normally not possible to urinate during orgasm.

Women who can ejaculate describe the feelings immediately beforehand as being similar to the desire to urinate. Apparently the secret to successful ejaculation is ignoring the urge to "close off in case of accidents" and, instead going with the flow. When ejaculation accompanies an orgasm, the sensation is said to be far more intense than a regular climax.

Doctors have not been able to give any explanation for female ejaculation, other than it being purely for pleasure. Research is still going on into what exactly happens during ejaculation.

The G Spot

The G Spot was named by John Perry and Beverley Whipple in their 1982 book The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality. They named the area after Dr Ernst Grafenberg, a German doctor who first described it in 1950 (although, as with most aspects of female sexuality, it had been "discovered" earlier and then ignored).

The G Spot is an area on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina about two inches from the entrance. This area, directly behind the clitoris and along the urethra, becomes enlarged when stimulated. It can be felt as a raised area on the vaginal wall.

Most sex manuals recommend manual stimulation of the G Spot via the insertion of a finger up to the second knuckle, and the movement of the finger back and forward in a "come hither" motion. As mentioned above, many women develop the urge to urinate when the G spot is stimulated. It's a good idea to empty the bladder before trying this. Short fingernails and good lubrication are also recommended.

The Good Vibrations Guide to the G Spot
by Cathy Winks
The phenomenal success of this slim guide suggests that legions of women are deep-sea diving for that mysterious treasure known as the G-spot. Whether you're just starting your quest, or are a practiced explorer, you'll appreciate this book's welcome perspective, tips on technique, excellent anatomical review, information on female ejaculation, and enthusiastic encouragement.

Female Ejaculation Videos

The Magic of Female Ejaculation (Video)
This is a very popular video, which is also endearing, honest and personal. HOUSE O CHICKS is dedicated to educating the public about women's sexuality in an honorable and beautiful way. Come and celebrate, learn & teach female ejaculation, an empowering message for women!
If you have broadband you can watch this video online here.

How to Female Ejaculate
What is female ejaculation and how is it done? What is the g-spot and where is it found?
In this groundbreaking video, sex educator Deborah Sundahl teaches you how to awaken your ability to ejaculate. Deborah opens with anatomy charts, then demonstrates astonishing ejaculations with Dr. Carol Queen, Dr. Shannon Bell and Baja. The women discuss why ejaculate is not urine, which muscles enhance ejaculation, and how a g-spot orgasm is different from a clitoral orgasm and why a g-spot orgasms creates ejaculation. Learn to flow your feminine fountain - let Deborah show you how!
Video on Demand for broadband users
Downloadable DivX Video
Video version

The Art of Female Ejaculation
All women can learn how! This is the ultimate guide for men and women with step-by-step instruction on what it is and how to achieve it! Don't be confused with contradicting information from other sources that teach a lot of myths! Get the facts and fun of female ejaculation here!
Video on Demand
Downloadable DivX Video
Video version

Female Ejaculation for Couples
See the G-spot up close and how it ejaculates! Three couples demonstrate how to create free and plentiful female ejaculations.
Author, video director, and sex educator Deborah Sundahl is a female ejaculation pioneer. Her book Female Ejaculation and G-Spot, draws upon her 20 years of experience in educating others on this important topic of female sexuality. This video is stimulating and educational. Expand your sexual horizons, open up your mind and body, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.
Video on Demand

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Female Ejaculation: A Complete Guide (DVD)
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