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In May 2000, the US Food and Drug administration approved the use of a new medical device for the treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction, a problem that affects over 50% of women at some time during their lives. No, it wasn't a vibrator, and it wasn't a new form of viagra. It was a clitoris pump.

The EROS-CTD clit pump - but it's really not my bag, baby!This handy-dandy little instrument is officially called the Urometrics EROS-CTD Treatment Device, and it's the equivalent of the Austin Powers-type penis pump (but it's really not my bag, baby!) It's available only on prescription, and costs $400.

The EROS-CTD consists of a small tube, suction cup and batteries. You place the suction cup over your clitoris and inner labia, creating a seal, then you activate the pump and whammo! Your clit is sucked into the tube, and the subsequent vacuum causes the blood vessels inside your clit to enlarge. The pump basically creates an artificial female erection. The idea behind the whole thing is that an enlarged clit is an aroused and sensitive clit, and female orgasm becomes as easy as pressing down the toaster button.

This latest technological development did not go down well with a number of feminists. They argued that this device was a typical male solution to a typically complicated female problem. 

“If it works on men, it must work on women. Right? Well, sure, if you're a government bureaucrat. With all the technological knowledge they could have harnessed in Silicon Valley, all the historical knowledge of thousands of doctors at their disposal, all the sexperts available to them in San Francisco alone, they come up with this?” wrote self-described “surly journalist” Annalee Newitz. “Even an armchair techno-historian could have told them that the vibrator was one of the very first electrical devices – used prolifically in the late 19th century – for a damn good reason.”

Feminist Carol Queen was also critical. “You might ask, ‘If there’s a partner in this equation, why not negotiate a nice session of cunnilingus? Wouldn’t it have the same effect?’ That’s a very good question indeed, but a doctor can’t write a prescription for cunnilingus, can s/he? More’s the pity.”

In an unusual twist, lesbian activist Karlyn Lotney, also known as Fairy Butch, as happily co-opted the clit pump for her own purposes, claiming it can create easily-suckable long clits for enhanced enjoyment. She says that some transgender people, or those who do not identify with female genitalia, are able to fulfill fellatio fantasies through use of the pump. Lotney has even included a chapter on effective and safe clit pumping in her book The Ultimate Guide to Strap-On Sex.

Tristan Taormino, anal sex expert and feminist extraordinaire, wrote about her experiments with a clit pump. She found it to be a fabulous experience. "Squeeze number three, and I looked down to see my clit red, swollen, and filling half the cylinder. It looked huge... One touch of a vibrator, and I was in outer space... I am smitten with my new toy not because it makes my clit into a cock, but because it shows me yet another incredible thing my body can do."

Some feminists have applauded this switch - from government-approved medical device to sex toy - as it comes closer to treating the real causes of female sexual dysfunction - namely, lack of sexual expertise and the wholesale cultural ignorance of female sexuality.

Original clinical trials on only a small number of women found that 100% experience some increase in sexual satisfaction. Larger trials are yet to be conducted.

Alternative (and cheaper) Clit Pumps

Panasonic EH2500s Pore Cleanser
Although orginally designed as a pore cleanser, this Panasonic product has gained acclaim as a clit pump in recent years. Bloodflow and stimulation to your clit is increased by placing the small suction device over your clit. As a bonus, the pump also has a mild vibration associated with it for maximum pleasure. The EH2500s is a lavender and white, hand held device with varying suction controls. Rechargeable and fully water immersible.
Available from Libida

Clitoral Pump
This uniquely original woman's pump features powerful vibration and suction. Includes two hygienically superior Silicone interchangeable sleeves.
Available from Gamelink

Adam and Eve Clits and Tits Vibrating Clit and Nipple Suction
This multi-speed vibrating nipple/clitoral stimulator features the new Automatic Vacuum Lock Valve that allows bulb removal while still maintaining suction! A smooth Jel-Lee® Pleasure Sleeve is included to heighten clitoral stimulation and arousal. Beautiful translucent and compact design.
Available from Gamelink

Sex Pot
Vibrate your nipples or your clit with the tiny Sex Pot. Add a bit of lube inside the "pot" to create a suction when pressed against the skin, then turn on the vibrator to increase the sensation. But why stop there? Stroke it on your earlobes, your lips and your tootsies, too, and discover just how responsive every inch of your skin is to touch and vibration.
Available from Libida

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Clit Pump Videos

Pump My Clit
Clit pulling, sucking, and pumping! Watch as women with the puffiest pussies around get their clits stretched and played with!
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