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It's been almost 20 years since feminist film maker Candida Royalle made a huge impact on the adult film scene by writing and directing the first porn film for women. Since then she's continued to create films for her own studio brand called Femme. While all her films contain as much steamy sex as your average, everyday skin flick, Royalle has gone the extra distance in order to create a believable fantasy with a decent storyline, to entertain women's minds, as well as their groins. There's even some great acting involved!

Sex For recommends the Femme series of films to women looking to explore their sexuality through fantasy. Oh, and they make for excellent foreplay!

Candida Royalle's Caribbean Heat (2005)

Enter the sultry tropics of the Caribbean where lovers become lost in the erotic splendor of an untamed world. Let your mind wander to a place where soft breezes caress your skin like a gentle lover, where the water is like liquid velvet, and the sun envelopes you in a warm and passionate embrace.

CARIBBEAN HEAT, where hot new director Manuela Sabrosa, under the tutorship of Candida Royalle, shows you what lovers in her corner of the world do when the temperature rises. Filmed entirely on location in Central America.

Starring: Adrian, Bruce, Danny Boy, Felinia, Max, Nicole, Paola, Rod Phoenix, Sol, Spider, Susan, Yinna
Director: Manuela Sabrosa
Studio: Adam and Eve Productions

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Eyes of desire

A beautiful photographer retreats to her friend's hillside home to rethink her relationship and career. The quiet gives rise to an unspoken longing for something she cannot define- a sensual awakening that is fueled by the discovery of her friend's high powered telescope. Through this new lense of desire, she's drawn into a dangerous game of mystery and lust when she discovers that she is being watched by a mysterious stranger from a nearby abandoned estate.

"Royalle takes the mundane and breathes fresh life and heat into old themes. Sharp performances, sizzling sex, and beautiful photography by Jane Waters help. Sharon Mitchell creates that adult rarity, a fully-realized character, someone you want to talk and play with. Chloe and Tom Byron also pull off an outrageous sex scene one that manages to be both hilarious and hellaciously sexy at the same time." - Excerpt of review from Gamelink.

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Rites of Passion

Writer/director Candida Royalle treats her characters with respect and especially looks out for the women. It's the feminist age of adult movies. Complete class! Realistic eroticism with taste. "In Search of the Ultimate Sexual Experience": Annie Sprinkle shares with us the autobiographical story of a woman whose search for fulfillment leads her through wild sexual adventures until she discovers ancient love-making secrets brought to her by a mysterious adonis-like master". "Shady Madonna": In a very timely piece, Veronica Vera takes us along with "Mr. Morality " as he goes to the TV studio to tape his weekly message. He instead finds himself traveling through his minds lustful secrets as revealed and exposed by sexy Nina Hartley.

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A Candida Royalle feature. Ariel's world is sterile and grey. Creative expression is looked upon with suspicion and sex is only for procreation. Ariel follows the rules as best she can - until one day she makes a discovery that will change her world forever. There, kept alive forever on video tapes secretly made by loving couples, are the lives of those who lived in a different time. What does a woman do when she discovers something she's been denied all her life? What does she do with her sexual awakening in a world where it is forbidden enough to warrant arrest and state imprisonment?

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Three Daughters

An affectionate spicy slice of life. A sensitive portrayal of a woman's sexual awakening that explodes into torrid sexuality... This is the story of the Claytons, Jane and Bill, and their three beautiful daughters: Michelle, the hot-blooded redhead who is about to make one of the most important decisions of her life. Jennifer, the serious concert pianist with a secret side; and the budding of their eighteen year old daughter, Heather, whose sexuality blossoms amidst the passions around her. It's spring break and the Clayton home is about to bloom... Writer/director Candida Royalle treats her characters with respect and especially looks out for the women. It's the feminist age of adult movies. Complete class! Realistic eroticism with taste. 'Three Daughters' is a must see!

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  The Gift

When Liz returns to sell her grandmother's home, little does she know that she will leave with the most precious gift one could receive - a gift of sensual love and unleashed passion from the other side of life, one that will heal Liz's troubled relationship, and that of every other couple that encounters it.

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More Erotic and Instructional Films for Women

Here's a great fantasy video to get your juices flowing! Nice to see some imagination used in adult films, for once!

Starring Jenna Jameson

High seas, low morals. If the lust of the ages could settle into one epic...this would be it. Wicked Pictures and Armstrong/Steele present an epic saga of desire and revenge. A searingly sexual story that is destined to set the standards in adult video. Lavish locations, a real story with characters that will remind you of what passion really is, and Jenna Jameson, who radiates the pure sexual energy that has captapulted her to the position of the unrivaled diva of adult films.

On DVD and VHS

Julie and Steve are one happily married couple. in other words, the dinner banter is more sparkling than the pillow talk. Along comes a provocative book in an interesting little shop, and as fast as you can say 'Kama Sutra' their existence is magically transformed into a passionate melange of fantasy and flesh. Turn the page on everything you know. A new chapter is written in adult cinema.


A husband's burning curiosity about what is discussed in his wife's women's group leads him to eavesdropping, spying - and finally crashing the evenings in disguise! But it's worth it, as he learns about the secret erotic fantasies of every woman - including his wife!


Come again with Ben and Teri Conti, as they continue to probe the boundaries of sexual experimentation - and discover some shocking new pleasures! As a TV actor, Ben gets plenty of "rehearsal time" playing characters for Teri's wicked delights. But when another couple joins in on the excitement, a whole new world of sexual possibilities is laid bare for the ever experimental Teri.
There's also an Every Woman has a Fantasy #3!

With Your Host : Tracy Bingham
In this episode answers to the age old questions of how one physically and spiritually align with their mate. From how-to's shown in the Kama Sutra, to special exercises and techniques.
There's also an Exploring the Fantasy - Massage!

Penthouse Presents - KAMA SUTRA PLEASURES The Art of Making Love (DVD):

This video unlocks the ancient pleasures of sexual delight. In this video, we delve deeper into these wonders and serve up a lover's guide that is destined to bring you closer to your partner. Together you'll discover new levels of pleasure and intimacy that will change the way you make love forever.


The Sex Education Video That Teaches Women To Have Better Orgasms Based on the book of the same name, this remarkably powerful video uses detailed demonstrations to help women learn to achieve orgasm. The intimacy of the Becoming Orgasmic program is shared between the woman in the video, her partner, and you. The viewer is also invited to watch as she successfully tests the effectiveness of the program through explicitly portrayed exercises. About women -- but aimed directly at both partners -- this video guides women into an appreciation of their own sexuality, while showing how male partners can offer assistance and support in reaching orgasm. Explicit sexual content. 83 minutes.

VIVA LA VULVA - Women's Sex Organ's Revealed
Betty Dodson, famous sexologist, and Xandria, Sexual Advisor, teaches women how to have wonderful orgasms in these videotapes!
Viva la Vulva features twelve vulvas of all ages, in all their glory, so prepare for intimate "vulva portraits." The video aims to celebrate women's genitals, and remove much of the stigma surrounding our views of what it's really like "down there". It helps women to value themselves, and to feel comfortable enough to begin to enjoy sex.

You'll find plenty more adult films at Gamelink!

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Velvet Thrust
* From new women's erotica cable network Inpulse!
Come explore your highest expectations.
Julian wants to personally invite you to join him for a special evening of pleasures like you've never know and likely never know again! A place to go and get away from it all? A place where it's all about you? Where your every desire is fulfilled an the outside world just seems to melt away with every moment?
Welcome to Velvet Thrust.

Starring: Cheyne Collins Eric Masterson John West Julian Mick Blue
Directed by: Giovanni
Studio: Inpulse Pictures

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Woman's World
A new movie directed by Cameron Rose, aimed at female viewers!
After slumbering for eons, a ravishing Goddess awakens to discover that women no longer rule the Earth, and the enraged seductress unleashes a magical force against the "enemy." Yes, the dominant species is about to use men for only one thing in a brand new WOMAN'S WORLD

Starring: Chris Cannon Dana Vespoli Eva Angelina Evan Stone Jean Val Jean Joey Ray Kelly Kline Nyomi Marcela Rayveness Tristan Seagal
Directed by: Cameron Rose
Studio: Simon Wolf Productions

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Ms Naughty store (search for "Woman's World")

Good Vibrations Guide to Adult Videos
by Cathy Winks

Don't be overwhelmed by the hundreds of adult videos at your local video store -- make an educated selection with the help of The Good Vibrations Guide: Adult Videos. Check out X-rated classics, porn from a woman's perspective, high-quality acting, superior plots and cinematography, notable stars, directors and more. Over 100 capsule reviews, a riveting history of porn and censorship battles, interviews with industry insiders, a thorough resource list, and tips on watching -- by yourself or with a lover -- make this the essential video viewing companion.

You can also watch the Candida Royalle Femme series online at AEBN. If you have broadband internet access you can stream them or simply rent them overnight and watch them at your leisure.
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Couples Guide to the Best Erotic Videos
by Steve Brent

This user-friendly guide takes all the guesswork and embarrassment out of choosing an erotic film. The Brents viewed hundreds of erotic tapes, and their discoveries are here to be shared, along with their mistakes that need not be repeated. With humor and sensitivity, the authors provide tips on getting in and out of the video store fast, a resource directory of where to find the best tapes, and more.

More Candida Royalle Videos:


A Taste of Ambrosia

My Surrender

One Size Fits All

Sensual Escape

The Bridal Shower

Urban Heat

All available from Gamelink

Instructional Videos

Big O: All Erotic Guide to Better Orgasms
Ever left high and dry by sex? Want more powerful, frequent climaxes? Then 'The Big O' is recognized sex educator Dr. Marty Klein leads you through the latest findings on orgasms and explicit footage of attractive couples reaching the highest peaks of pleasure. Learn to 'tune in' for a fulfilling climax without emotional 'static'. Why women need to avoid faking it. Ways to create multiple orgasms for both genders. Plus tips on your partner's pleasure, styles of arousal, and much more.

Guide to Better Cunnilingus
Hall of Fame superstar Nina Hartley teaches you everything you need to know about orally pleasing a woman in this revolutionary new how-to-video. In graphic detail, Nina explains and demostrates various cunnilingus techniques, gives own personal insights on arousing your partner, and shares her years of experience. Celebrating a decade of erotic performing. Nina lovingly wrote and directed the video for every one of you interested in expanding your sexual horizon - and pleasing your partner! it's erotic, it's arousing, it's educational.. its Nina Hartleys Guide to Better Cunnilingus.

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