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A few Snifters of Info about this site

All the articles and fiction on Sex for Women are by Ms Naughty, an Australian journalist who has written on various topics but who just can't help writing about sex. It's such a comprehensive topic.

Ms Naughty operates a number of other websites, including Streakerama, a site which looks at the history of streaking, Super Mario Brothers, and several smaller adult sites for women such as Hardcore for Her . She also part-runs and writes for the major women's erotica paysite For The Girls

She is 37, ecstatically married, and lists her hobbies as gargling vats of red wine and underwater bog cycling. She continues to write about sex and create websites.

Does Sex for Women accept contributions?

Nope, not at present.

What's with the advertisements?

In order to pay for the various costs of this website, we've included a number of advertisements from online companies. While we receive commissions for promoting their products, we do not advertise any site that may be offensive or disrespectful to women, and all products/sites promoted are considered to be good value and of genuine interest to female surfers. If we say we recommend it, then we do.

Who's this "we"?

Well, it's just me actually, using the Royal Plural, because frankly, having a paged called "All about me" sounded a little narcissistic.

For The Girls

Well girls, Iím proud to say Iíve finally got my own womenís erotica megasite! For The Girls is brand new and itís got so much more to offer than the existing, male-designed 4women adult sites available! Sure, thereís heaps of naked men, couples pics, movies, and male strippers, but For The Girls is also an ezine with great reading. Weíve got plenty of articles, columns, sex advice, adult film reviews, jokes, games, e-cards and lots more to keep you occupied after youíve put the vibrator away. So do me a favour, click here and check out whatís on offer. I think youíll really like it!

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