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We're all keen to try something new in bed. Often, changing sex positions can be the best way to bring spontaneity and fun back into your sex life. Unfortunately changing sex positions can be a concern for many people - they're not sure if they're doing it properly, or they want some inspiration when it comes to new positions.

Sex for Women is pleased to offer this sample of amazing sex positions from My Sex Secrets, which is an online sex guide for men and women. This site has an enormous section devoted solely to sex positions
Sex Positions Guide at My Sex Secrets Man On Top Sex Positions:
Probably the most common position used by most couples during intercourse. The "missionary" being definitely the most popular.
Sex Positions Guide at My Sex Secrets Woman On Top Sex Positions:
Similar to the sitting positions these woman on top positions give the female partner a much larger degree of control over both the thrusting and depth of penetration during sexual intercourse.

Variations on the basic woman on top position are easily gained with the female switching the direction of her body, lying back rather than sitting up straight or the male raising his knees to support the females body.

Sex Positions Guide at My Sex Secrets Side By Side Sex Positions:
These intercourse positions can be great for increased intimacy for both partners. With this type of position both partners hands are free to caress the other partner or stimulate their or their partners genital region.
Sex Positions Guide at My Sex Secrets Sitting Sex Positions:
Sitting positions do not generally allow for deep or fast thrusting by the male, however they do give the female a great deal of control over the depth and speed of penetration during intercourse.

The female generally needs to squat in most of these positions and this can become tiresome, a way around this is quick pelvic movement rather than relying on her legs to pump up and down.

Sex Positions Guide at My Sex Secrets Advanced (exotic) Sex Positions:
Whilst they may not be the most "comfortable" positions they are useful to add variety to spice up your sex life.

These positions can offer a new dimension to your intercourse sessions, please take it easy though.

Sex Positions Guide at My Sex Secrets Standing Sex Positions:
Similar to the advanced positions these standing positions require great physical endurance.

These positions should only be attempted once both individuals can balance themselves properly because if the female slipped off both the male and female could cause injury to themselves, so please be careful!
Sex Positions Guide at My Sex Secrets Oral Sex Positions:
Oral sex can be difficult for some, mostly because they were never shown what positions are the best to perform this sensual lovemaking skill, I will show you my favorite positions to give and receive oral sex.